Sunday, August 19, 2007

Posters Rock! - Prints Are Hot!

I was talking to my friend in Kentucky the other day and he was almost giddy.

He asked if I had seen the latest Maine Antique Digest. My reply was I had it but have been to busy to open it up. "Be sure to look at page 23-d," he said and I asked him why?

"Because there is a print that sold for $28,800.00 at auction and I have three of them still in the tubes they came in!"

He found a treasure and this is just the start of the story. I then started looking at the Antique Trader and what did my eyes discover on the front page but a story about Posters. Where have I been? I must have been sleeping as this tidal wave hit us.

I should have know something was happening when my client was offered over $35,000.00 for her Andy Warhol print "The Witch." I have been thinking about this all morning and have come to the conclusion that original artwork has become so expensive that people are beginning to buy Prints and Posters as their second choice.

Believe it or not I even have a few Posters stashed away. But you can be assured that I will be finding them and seeing what their value is today. The clue for you today is while you are searching for treasures, be sure to look in those long cardboard tubes that contain Posters and you may find a treasure yourself. If you have posters that might be of value would you please share them with the group and also where you aquired them?

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