Thursday, August 30, 2007

GOING HOME - Maybe it will be There

The 31 Gang [ Daryle, Cindy, Clarke and Chris ] will start their race with you tomorrow. I will be leaving for Owensboro, Kentucky, at noon to attend my wife's reunion. Along the route, I will be searching for that special treasure that will launch us from the starting gate toward that pot of gold at the end of our journey. I will be reporting back to you Monday night on whether we were successful or not. There is no doubt in my mind that by then you will have emailed me many stories of fabulous finds.

During next four days I will be making every effort to use the knowledge that has served me so well to search out that first step in the plan that we are beginning together. Pottery, Art Glass and Paintings will be my targets, but don't be surprised if I return with something totally different than those items. That is what makes the treasure hunt so exciting. You never know what you will be returning with. I will travel with my books, jewelers loop, tape measure and all the other things that might come in handy in the search.

The best part about this venture is that if I return empty handed after four days, it will only heighten my desire to go back out there on Tuesday. Remember, as I said before, this isn't a sprint.

I have been talking to members all day who are just beginning to get the treasure fever. What are my paintings worth? Does this crock or bowl have any value? I have my dad's old campaign butons -- are they worth selling? Can you feel the excitement building?

Already, I can't wait to return from my trip so that we can talk. I have prepared blogs to be posted while I am gone, and if you have any questions please email me, because I will be checking in. I have been a little disappointed on the number of comments on the blogs, so let me hear from you. This keeps me motivated. Thanks for all your support and patience as we move forward.


  1. Hi, I will post. Hey 31 club - where are you! I am also surprised that we arn't having more postings on here. I can tell you one problem I am having. I can't seem to find the"members only" part of this website? anyone out there that can help me?
    My Quest is beginning with selling off all the stuff I have aquired over the years first, so I can then have the funds I need to make some really good buys on any treasure I may find. Anyone else have a stratigy set up yet? It's all very exciting. And I for one am looking very forward to the journey! Vicki

  2. I am also at the $100.00 start. I am also somewhat on the same path as Vicki. My intent is to rid things I've acquired through the years. However, I'd like that to be separate so I have a true indication of working the 31 steps.
    Looking forward to reading the online posts of others in the 31Club. iCAN

  3. Hi Vicki, My son and I were out at garage sales all weekend. Unfortunately we are having a difficult time finding the item for step one. We did pick up a couple of oil paintings. I will have someone look at them soon (hopefully Daryle hehehe)then we will know if we have our first step. We keep studying our art books and learning more everyday. The member's only part is right below Daryle's blog, click on it and type in club31 for the id and "wealth" for the password. enjoy your journey. Lisa

  4. Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for the info. I hope you made a great buy on your oil paintings. I am pretty lost on the whole art thing as well. I have several good books on the subject but even they are very expensive. Maybe art books are another "treasure" we should seek? Vicki