Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Small Treasures - Hot Wheels Ride Again

I was going to garage sales earlier in my career and was amazed when a BMW or Mercedes would pull up and the children would run to look at the toys and then leave. I wondered why because I knew that the parents could buy their kids what ever they wanted. Whats up with that I would ask myself. Then I found out, they where looking for Hot Wheels and especially the one that they call Redlines. This was even more confirmed to me lately when a VW Bus with a surf board sold for I think over $17,000.00. I might even start looking for those little car at that price. Can you tell me about some little treasures that you have found and would like to share with the club?

Check out this article, I think you will find it very interesting.

Collector's Corner: Vintage Hot Wheels - Hotter Than Ever
By David Espino on AuctionBytes.com
July 01, 2001

"Mattel's Hot Wheels toy cars burst on the scene in 1968 as a California Hot Rod answer to the staid and utilitarian Matchbox cars. These fanciful replicas of '60s Muscle Cars were an instant hit and featured "chrome" mag wheels, independent suspension, brilliant "Spectraflame" paint jobs and realistic body and chassis detailing. What more could a young hot-rodder want?"

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