Thursday, August 9, 2007

GO GO GO & Never Say No - Paintings & Lalique Await you

I have recommended that you tell others that you are searching for treasures. When you get names or if someone phones you after a friend has told them your hunting, be sure to visit that person. The quicker the better.

You always want to be the first to look at what people have for sale because the "great" stuff doesn't last long. Recently I got a call and it would have required traveling for about 90 minutes to get there. I tried to talk myself out of going in every way that I could. "There won't be anything there," I thought. "All the good stuff is already gone, I don't have the time," and so on.

My better sense won out and I made a appointement for that afternoon. Upon arriving at the house I began to get excited. This house was sitting on about five acres and contained about 8000 square feet. I couldn't wait to get in and see the treasures that I knew were just behind the door.

As I entered the house my eyes told me that I had just entered a treasure trove. The house was filled with wonderful paintings, Lalique pieces and Bronzes by some great artists. I took a inventory and over the next several weeks was able to acquire over $150,000 worth of these treasures. My goal is to always compound my investment and in this case I was able to accomplish that several times over.

Share with us your stories aboutfinding the mother load!

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