Monday, August 27, 2007

Where is the Bottom? - Royal Doulton

You may remember that I have told you in the past there is always a right time to buy and a right time to sell.

I was once one of the largest collectors of Royal Doulton in the Midwest. But as the company paid less and less attention to the collector and decided that quality wasn't important, I decided that it was a great time to sell my collections.

Wow was I correct.

First went my 500 lady figurines, followed by one of the best animal collections that could be found anywhere. I now could, over time, replace my enter collection for about 25 to 30 percent of what I sold them for! The pieces that I sold are still available, and I am beginning to think that it might be a good time to step back into that market.

Figurines that were selling for $1200 now may be purchased for as little as $350.00. Aand the Doulton dogs that I sold for $600 to $700 surface today at prices as low as $2oo. They may have been discounted enough... what do you think?

I would suggest that you obtain a Ruth Pollard Doulton Price Guide on eBay or Abe's books because it is out of print. Start to watch this market. It will be best to stay with the upper end pieces. In Pollard's book you will find all the information that you will require to spot these.

In todays market, because of the drop in prices, it seems that the the market is just throwing all of Doulton to the curb. They are throwing the baby out with the bath water and it may be time to step in. Even the mugs look attractive at these levels.

So you will have much to choose from. You will have to stand firm and not get swayed by the few that are still over pricing pieces just because thay say Doulton on them. Most of the Doulton pieces that are earlier than 1970 will still have the quality that Doulton was know for. But I would still shy away from the later pieces. You may even find Doulton Lambeth and Burslem that are under priced today. Hannah Barlow pieces have drop noticeably.

You be the judge but the bottom may have been put in for this collectible. If you have any great Doulton stories please share them with us!

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