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Daryle Lambert: Is eBay Running Out of Juice?

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Who would have ever thought that eBay could be unraveling? I did, and I've written about it right here in these Blogs, starting back with my September 29th Blog. You see, you can only squeeze an orange so long before it has no more juice. And from what I'm hearing, eBay customers, particularly the sellers and merchants with eBay stores, are so displeased with the new changes, they are even willing to take a financial loss to express this by threatening a strike beginning February 18th.

If eBay does the right thing now, by taking their customers, both buyers and sellers, into consideration, their stock might go down over the short, but over the long term it could become much stronger. But, eBay just might get the surprise of their life if they continue to only think about their stockholders and try to maintain a certain income growth. That surprise will come when the stock plummets. Then their stockholders will be the biggest losers. You see, if they continue on their present course, the competition will gain a larger and larger portion of the market, leaving eBay in a downward spiral.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not an eBay hater. I've been a big supporter of theirs and give them credit for my success in the Antique and Fine Art Markets. I am sad to say today, that in my humble opinion, they've lost their way because of one thing -- greed. Anytime you put your success before the welfare of your customers, your success will prove to be short term. That is what I think has happened with eBay.

I've been talking about this present scenario for months now in some of my past blogs. On September 29, 2007, I wrote a Blog asking if eBay will remain king of the hill and made predictions on what changes might come and what results might come from these changes. You can scroll back to that Bog, or read my October 2nd article based on this Blog:
Will eBay Remain King of the Hill

Or, read the October 4th press release Cindy wrote :
Author, Daryle Lambert Predicts Ebay Changes On the Horizon

And here was my response to the news that has made so many customers angry: eBay Serves Scrambled Eggs

It is not too late for eBay to make its ship right, but the longer this imbalance remains, the more market share they will lose. And this will be a permanent loss. No one ever thought that GM would lose their number one spot in the market to a competitor, but look what's happened to them. Their last report showed they had the biggest loss in their history. Never forget that customers and their opinions DO count. IT WILL NEVER BE ABOUT WHAT THE COMPANY WANTS BUT WHAT THE CUSTOMER WANTS.

That same principle applies to the new business that we are creating -- becoming the best Antique and Fine Art dealers in the world. My rule has always been to be honest and to take care of your customers. When you do this, you'll find they will take care of you. This is part of what I discuss in my book "31 Steps to Your Millions in antiques & Collectibles." If you operate with intergrity and an eye out to satisfy your customers, you'll succeed.

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