Sunday, February 17, 2008

Can Ebay Predict the Election Results? Political Memorabilia - McCain, Obama, Hillary Clinton

Barack Obama Campaign Print Sells for $5,900 on eBay. Highest Price to date.

What a difference a month can make. Not too long ago, I wrote a blog about political memorabilia. I suggested that you might go to all the current presidential candidate's headquarters and gather up all the campaign items you could. How many of you did that? If you did, your rewards might prove to be fantastic.

Who would have thought that an old, worn down soldier could have survivied against the Millionaire and the 9/11 Hero? But, he did. Three months ago, John McCain would have gladly given you his autograph. If he did, today you might be holding the signature of the next President of the United States. Pretty much out of money and with little hope, his campaign posters could have been collected by the bundles. How the scenario has changed today. You still might have time to pick up some of the buttons or other items that will become very valuable collectibles if he wins. What kind of returns will you have make on John McCain's memorabilia if he is elected President?

Next, let's examine Barack Obama, a freshman Senator running against the Senator- Wife of a past President. Not any President, but Bill Clinton, one of this country's favorites. The press had crowned Hillary early on and suggested that anyone who challenged her was wasting their time and money. Yes, I think Senator Obama would have gladly signed your autograph book, and probably several times. He is proving to be one of the most charismatic campaigners that I have ever seen. Do you have anything from his campaign headquarters? How about Hillary's? As this race gets heated up, anything that has Barack Obama's name or Hillary Clinton's name on it will gain in value. You won't have to wait ten years to see it. This will happen between now and November. If you doubt me, just check some items on eBay now and then, again, right before the election.

As I write this, there are 2282 items listed on eBay under "Obama". 1438 Items listed under "Hillary Clinton." 647 Items listed under "McCain." I checked the completed listings, and as I write this, the highest price paid so far is $5,900 for a Barack Obama 24'' x 36'' Edition of 350 (signed and hand numbered)
"Progress" print. Clinton and McCain have less impressive completed sales prices. Can eBay be predicting the Election Results?

Isn't this business fun and easy? All you have to do is think outside the box. That's what makes this fun and profitable. While everyone else is running around like a chickens with their head cut off trying to find items that they will make a 20% return on, you are being given information about things that will prove to be real treasures. You can sell some and keep some, because the cost is zero. Twenty years from now people will be asking each other, “How did he or she do that and who did they know to get those things.”

This is the greatest advantage to doing business the 31 Club way. You never have to be in a hurry. You're always ahead of the trend, because you take the time to become knowledgeable. You'll know the direction of the trends.

Have you picked up any of these items? If you have, please share what you've got in the comments section. Then, if you sell them before the election, please share that with us, too. Our members will be watching to see if I have shared a truth with them, so help me out.

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  1. Hi,

    I just found your blog, actually.

    I am strongly thinking about buying one of the Obama Hope or Progress posters (like in your photo).

    My only concern the value going up OR down? Will this be a wise investment for the future (and because I love the poster myself), or prove to be a waste of a hundred-plus dollars?

    A week or more ago, it seemed these posters were selling like hot cakes. Now, the signed ones still are, but the unsigned seemed to be falling. I can't quite understand why. Do I want to pay $100 for a poster of Obama with Progress or Hope under his image if, in a month, it could be selling for $30 or $40?

    Or, am I wrong, and in a month or more, will the price INCREASE? I am not sure, which makes it both fun and a bit tiring.

    I read that the artist of this poster will actually be working with the Obama campaign to come up with a new poster that the masses can get their hands on. If that's the case, does that drive the value of this more "cult" type poster up or down?

    Decisions, decisions.

  2. Daryle...I'm curious to know your thoughts on my comments.


  3. I think that the best thing that we can do is collect pieces that will be hictory in a very few years. You can go to the campaign headquarters of the leading candidates and loaded your car with their posters and other items but today they are already getting expensive. Yes I would buy one of these and make every attempt to get it signed.
    These posters signed if he is elected could have a value of $25,000 or more very quickly.


  4. I picked up a whole set of candidate Bobbleheads on Ebay (they are made by a CA company called ""--I had to go there to get Hilary Clinton) and I hope to have them signed by all the candidates. I will then put them away for safekeeping and bring them out in, say, 30 years. Collecting election memorabilia is not about making a quick buck. It's about being a part of history.