Sunday, January 27, 2008

Daryle Lambert: Trade Secrets & Knowledge Will Help You Get the Edge in Art and Antiques

Too often, I get calls from individuals who tell me they've found a Renoir or a Picasso. Of course, this doesn't turn out to be the case. These turn out to be copies, and poor ones at that. This is the get quick rich quick mentality, and I suppose deep down we really can't help it sometimes. Yes, there have been cases where paintings are found, and if it happens to you, I will be the first to say that it's nice knowing you. But, in all truth, financial success comes from our attitude, our knowledge and actions, and some education into the trade secrets few care to share.

You can arrive at the same place financially as the person who actually did find a Picasso by simply doing what Marsha did over and over again. I wrote about Marsha in yesterday's Blog, and if you haven't read it, you'll need to do that in order to fully grasp what I'm saying today. Truthfully, we all know deep down that the chances of being the one to find the next million dollar painting are quite slim, and we need to be working in reality. But, the process of 100% compounding will turn hundreds into thousands and thousands into hundreds of thousands. That is a sure thing, if we educate ourselves on this topic and are persistent in our quest for knowledge. This is what we do, here, at the 31 Club. Although I've been collecting and dealing for about 45 years now, I never stop learning.

Over the years, I have personally met people that began with nothing, and when we crossed paths ten years later, have seen their lives dramatically changed. They no longer drove that ten year old beat up truck, but a new Mercedes instead. They're no longer living on the wrong side of the tracks, but in a home having more bedrooms than most people have in their entire house, not to mention two vacation homes. I often ask them how this change came about. The answer: ” I learned to be the best at something.” Wow! That is just what we, at the 31 Club, are teaching.

Is that painting quality and is it painted by a listed artist? Sure it is. I recognize the signature. And look at that Zsolnay vase. The mark is an old one. I remember seeing it in the book. And, could the signature on that painting be below the matting? Well, it sure is, and it's the work of a great artist. If these are the things that are running through your mind while you're on the hunt, your fortune is just ahead of you. Do you see the effects from education you are receiving through this Blog alone? Each one of these revelations will mean thousands of dollars to you.

You see, when you know more than most of the people looking for treasure, your chance of finding it is greatly improved. Knowing Rookwood is fine, but knowing which artist brings the most money and what their signature looks like will be your advantage over most. Is that painting by the father or son? This can make a great difference in value. Do you know the difference in their signatures? This is the type of information and education that I'll be sharing with our members on a regular basis in the membership section of our website. If you've been one of our regular Blog readers who hasn't yet joined, quite frankly, I'm wondering why. Where else you can get access to this kind of information and personal attention, just like Marsha does, for such a ridiculously low cost? Is there anywhere else you can call and talk to someone with my years of experience, who will guide and mentor you for practically free? This is what I'm offering right now. People will spend more money on their weekly lattes or on a pizza than what it cost to be mentored and guided by an expert in a field that can help them change their financial picture. what's up with that?

Let's look at some more ways to use the knowledge you'll gain by being a member of the 31 Club. Did you know that some artists incorporate their signatures within the painting itself? I have looked at a piece for 15 to 20 minutes, knowing by sight that the painter of the piece was a trained artist, yet unable to find the signature. Looking again and again, low and behold, there it was as part of the table in the painting.

Would you know what to do if you're confronted with a painting that looks like a high quality piece but lacks a signature? This might be a treasure, because many fine artists signed their work on the reverse, as it is known in the trade. What would you do if that painting had a paper dust cover affixed to the back side so you couldn't see if there was a signature? Would you know how much finding a signature might add to your bank account? Members of the 31 Club will know.

Did you know that there were artists that painted under different names? You can find these alternate names in most of the better art guides. Artists often used marks, rather than their name, to mark their paintings. Can you possibly grab hold of how this kind of information can prosper you? This is the kind of information I am sharing with 31 Club members.

I've been asked many times, why I am doing this. Why the 31 Club? And, why at a ridiculously low cost? And I'll tell you this: The way I see it, on the day the Lord calls me home, if I haven't shared what I know with others about the things I know that could help them improve the quality of their lives, then I haven't done what He has asked me to do. If sharing my knowledge could help make life easier for you and your family, why would I keep that all to myself?

Join me and the rest of the 31 Club right here. You'll get my book, "31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles" for FREE. Or, if you're not quite sure about joining and have some questions you'd like to ask me, or just want to talk with me, E-mail me at I'll personally see to it that we set up a time to talk with one another.

Discover how the 31 Club, together with my book, "31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles" can be the tool that helps you begin building personal wealth using antiques, collectibles and fine art. Find out more about joining our growing community of antique and art wealth builders here.

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