Saturday, January 26, 2008

Being a "Pro" in Art & Antiques

I would like to set the record straight about buying in the art and antiques world as a novice. The question often comes up to me as this: Will the blogs I write about art and higher end items serve you well in this business while you are just beginning your search for valuable items, considered a "novice" by the world's standards? My answer to you is most definitely, yes!

People who are satisfied with their life the way it is, frequently say to me, "Sure, Daryle, you can do it, because you're a pro with 45 years of experience." They are right in saying that, but the real question is this -- Do you have to wait until the time you have 45 years experience to be successful? The answer to that is a definite -- NO.

And here's a great example. I've been working with a young lady by the name of Marsha M., part of the group of 3 friends who have joined the 31 Club together and who are forming a partnership to work our program. I usually talk to Marsha at least once a day and answer her questions on a multitude of subjects. This has been one of the high points for me in forming the club. Finding a person who wants to be successful and follow the 31 Steps to their success has served to keep me motivated. I love the connection I have to readers looking to improve the quality of their lives. I believe Marsha would call herself anything but a pro in the antique and art field, but she has the right attitude.

When I take someone with me to search for exceptional items to buy, they often ask, "How did you know that?" or "How did you spot that among all this stuff?" Sometimes I have to admit to them that it is just my instincts. Do only pros have these instincts? Let's examine whether or not this might be true as well as my statement above that you don't have to wait until you have 45 years experience to be successful.

Marsha has been a member of the 31 Club since November 6, 2007, and has not had experience in the antique, art and collectible field, so certainly would not be classified by most as a "Pro." Yesterday, when we had our daily conversation, I asked her what she had done, as Thursday is her day off from work. Yes, she does have a regular job and works very hard at it. She told me she visited a few resale stores and second hand shops, and had bought a few items but didn't really know their worth yet. Did she use her instincts? Most certainly.

So I asked her how much money she spent. She spent $25 for an etching by Mary Nimmo Moran and about $195 for two paintings by Graham Hedges.

I agreed to help her research her new finds and hoped she had a great eye so these items would serve her well. I did find that the etching will bring between $1500 and $2500. Not bad for someone that isn't a pro -- or is she? If being a pro means you make wise investments, then she might qualify. Later, she called me and told me she spent most of the night researching, and found that works by "Graham," just like hers, are bringing $750 - $1,500 at auctions in England. This confirmed with what my research had come up with. So let's put a pencil to it.

If she receives $2,000 for the etching and $2,000 for the two paintings, now she's got $4,000 from an investment of $220. She'd make about twenty times her investment. I think that just elevated her to "pro," don't you? Marsha, I hope you wear the title proudly. My only question to all my other readers is this: Have you gotten started yet? If you have, then you have the right attitude. But, if you haven't, why not?

Marsha will most likely make twenty times her investment. The 31 Club plan is based upon making a minimum of double your investment. When Marsha completes this sale, she'll blow past many of the other steps, and be well on her way, leaving those of you sitting on the sidelines in the dust. And if you are one of those sitting on the sidelines, ask yourself this: How many times a year would you have to buy and sell before the money starts making a difference in your life?

If you've been following these blogs but haven't joined with us, what's stopping you? Join us today! Get out of the gate and into the race in an industry that offers more opportunity to provide for you and your family then you might possibly imagine.

I'll be writing more about art in the coming days, as there is much more of the technical side of the business I want to share with you. So, keep posted. And, if you haven't joined our group yet, what's stopping you?

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  1. Okay, you and Marsha M have searched the possible values for the Graham & Moran art work and see that there is a potential of making $4,000 on a $220 investment. Purchase + Research are just the first steps to realizing great fortunes!

    Several steps must now be taken to realize a profit. 1)Where is the best place to dump these items?; 2) How did I come to that conclusion?;3)Was my decision correct or am I going to have to relist these with the Auction House or on EBAY 6x to realize a profit?4)Did I also spend another $220 at those antique stores buying junk that has no value but did look pretty when I saw them?;5)Or have I done this for enough years that I now know who to call to realize a profit?

    How about taking Marsha's purchase through the actual steps to get to profit,; i.e. costs (EBAY or Auction fees + bad purchases) + time = Return on Investment? To me this business is kind of like Kissing Frogs - in addition to the big wins out there, there are a lot of bloopers that I think we all need to experience to pay for our education.


    You must be a new viewer to the blog. I not only have addressed these issues and many more in previous blogs but they are all addressed in my book 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles. In the $1,000,000 race each member has the chance to share all their trades whether good or bad with the other members.

    I have addressed where to sell, how to establish value,taking time to buy the right things because we aren't in a hurry and yes to be realistic in your accounting to be sure that we are on the right track in your journey. The bloopers that you talk about can be reduced by education and the advice you receive from people in the business. It sounds like you might have had some bad experiences and we, the members of th 31 Club, hope that we can help you in the future to brighten your search for treasures. When Marsha sells the item that where purchase it will be reportede and I wouldn't be surprised if they brought even more than estimated.


  3. P.S. The 31 Club staff and I are buying and selling right along with our members. We keep a spreadsheet posted on the members only members site that tracks our progress and lists all the details of our transactions, such as where we bought, sold, fees involved, shipping, and net profit.