Sunday, January 6, 2008

Daryle Lambert: Surprise News from Antiques, Collectibles & Fine Art Auction

Yesterday, I didn't expect anything special but it didn't turn out that way. You see, the big day I've been waiting for for is today, when the 31 Gang, which includes Cindy, Chris, Clarke and me, have a couple of pieces selling at the Sohn and Associates auction in Evansville, Indiana -- the Harvey Joiner portrait and a water color painting. So what's the big surprise all about?

Since I had to drive all the way to Evansville, Indiana to deliver these pieces for auction, I decided it would be wise to rummage through the house and take some of my personal items along. I gathered up twelve items I could easily part with, and in doing so, make room for more valuable items. Yesterday, our member, Cecil R, was in the audience at Sohn's yesterday and surprised me with a phone call to tell me that two of my items sold at some really sweet prices. (I had no idea that these were selling yesterday.)

The Indian basket I bought for $100 in Chicago sold for $660, and the black on black Indian pot sold for $2,200. What great news this was! I am so glad no one offered me $200 in Chicago for that Indian basket, because today, they would be the one enjoying the glow I feel. I eagerly await sale results from today. Being in this business is truly like being on a treasure hunt. So often the results of your transactions will startle you.

Of the other items I'll be waiting on for prices, one is a small painting by W.H. Hilliard. In the latest issue of Maine Antique Digest, two of his paintings sold for over $4,100 each. I only have a grand total of $100 invested in this piece. I also have a T.E. Francis consigned that I'm thinking should also bring in over $2,500. I have very little invested in this piece as well. I can hardly wait until the end of the day when I hear the sales news.

As I tell you time and time again, there are treasures just waiting to be found with your name on them! Are you out there looking yet? If not, why not?

On the items I brought to Sohn's, I hope to receive over $12,000 on an investment of less than $2,500. The way I figure, I will have made $9,500. How many times a year do you have to make a trade like this to change your life??? I'll let you be the judge of that. I will tell you this, however: If I had put that $2,500 in the bank, my interest over the last six months would have been $50. By investing that money in artwork and antiques, I'll make a little over 375% on my money.

Are you beginning to really grasp this? There's a choice here on where we invest our money. If we're willing to alter our life just a bit, by learning more and more about antiques, art and collectibles, and locate some of these items, we can make so much more than we ever imagined. I don't know about you, but I'm certainly willing to spend my time in study, rather than on numerous leisure activities, so I can recognize value when I see it and prosper from that knowledge.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by being a member of the 31 Club. If you're not one of us, what are you waiting for?

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