Saturday, May 31, 2008

Selling and Making Money in Antiques & Collectibles Part III

Ann has been in the antique and collectible business for considerable time, but was experiencing some of the business hardships written about in many of the trade magazines last year. At that time, she was beginning to feel the onset of burn-out and was seriously questioning whether or not she could get ahead.

But when Ann read 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles, she asked herself, “Can working like this book says really provide me with the necessary money I'll need for the future? Nothing will provide me with the amount of money I’ll need, except the 31 Club Plan. And the plan makes sound financial sense, too.” After soaking in the information, Ann decided she could do it.

If you’ve questioned whether or not our plan can work for you, I hope you come to see that the community being formed by the 31 Club will help you get the answers to stay the course and reap the rewards this business provides.

But on with Ann's story: She’s shared with me that the turn around time on her money is something very important to her, and she looks for items with this in mind. So, when she attended a house sale, she was looking for anything to add to her inventory that would sell quickly.

An old Indian belt with silver and turquoise medallions for $25 and an old Indian Blanket with figures for $45 caught her eye and seemed to play right into her game plan when she spotted them at a house sale. At first you might not think of this as a great find, but in the end, I believe this is a real start on a journey that will end in the fulfillment of Ann’s goals.

You see, Ann called me to tell me about these two items. I knew someone who would be very interested in the two items. I asked her if she would price them or if they were going on eBay. We spoke a few more times after that before she gave me an answer. She decided she would be satisfied if she could sell them at $1,000. My collector was willing to pay that price.

Before I would let this deal go through, it was important to me that she understood that at a regular auction or on eBay, the pieces may bring in a little more. But, as you’ve heard me say before, when you factor in the commissions, and the time element, this was a good offer. She understood, and the deal was completed.

Ann had invested only $65 and had just completed roughly the first 4 steps of the 31 Steps with this one transaction. If she does the same buying and selling cycle with the $1,000, she’ll end up with approximately $16,000, (I haven’t done the math on paper but it’s somewhere around there.)Ann made wise decisions, and this one sale can set her on the path to bigger and better things. This can be your story, too.

Yes, this is the greatest business in the world and a barrel of fun. But, I’ve found that most new people to this business spend far too much time trying to squeeze the last penny out of their items. This is a big mistake.

The Key to the Door of Success

It’s so easy to find a fair price for almost anything you have to sell these days. The quicker it’s sold, the sooner you’ll have money to reinvest and complete another buy/sell cycle. Keeping the money turning is the key that will unlock the door to success. And the door with the keyhole is the 31 Club. Our community, network and knowledge can help reach financial goals decades sooner than through any other investment plan; all through buying and selling antiques & collectibles. All it takes is for you to join the club (for a ridiculously low amount right now) and to use the network of people we’ve spent years putting in place.

Selling To Other Dealers

When I’ve made a great buy on an item, rather than try to squeeze every penny out of it, I’ll sell it to another dealer, leaving enough in it for him or her to make a profit when they sell it. This means they’ll know that I sell at a very fair price, and they’ll be coming back for more. I’m making good money, and they’re making money. This works for both of us. It fulfills my goal of having a place to sell my items quickly, and keep my money circulating and accumulating, ascending me up my 31 Steps.

It is the Knowledge of Buying That Will Assure Your Success, Not Selling.
Ann bought right, so she had no trouble selling.

Boy, am I excited for all of you! I think the secret is out of the bag, and our members are going to the head of the class.

If you haven’t sent in your stories and pictures, why not do that today? And if you’ve been sitting on the fence about joining, it might be time to get off.

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