Friday, May 2, 2008

Finding Antique Treasures

“What should I watch for, Daryle?”

That’s the question more and more people ask me everyday. What you should watch for while you’re out treasure hunting is whatever is priced cheap enough for you to double your money or more. When I leave the house, I’m an explorer looking for the chest of gold and jewels. When I find a chest, I won’t know what’s inside it, but I’m hopeful it will be filled with treasures.

Once I open the treasure chest, I might find my treasure comes in the form of an oyster plate, as it did for our member, Marsha. Cecil’s treasure was a painting. You can be assured, as they left the house, they had no idea what treasure was in store for them that day. How many ship wrecks did Mel Fisher search for before he found the Atocha? I understand he was just about broke when he found that ship and all its treasure. Now his story will go down in history, not to mention the great wealth he accumulated. So don’t quit before finding the mother load.

How many 49ers would have struck it rich if they’d only stayed another month? Your journey might be like the young man in Florida I wrote about in my book, whose purchase of a $25 painting changed his life when it sold for over $675,000. Or maybe your journey will be more like mine, where over the years, I’ve had several huge scores, but the accumulation of many average or a little above average finds have proven to be the secret to my success. Even the turtle crossed the finish line, and I have known many of these turtles in the Antique and Collectible field. If you stay the course, your fortune will be made one way or the other.

In the meantime, it’s Friday and have you prepared for the weekend? Do you know the sales you’ll be attending? Are they garage sales, estate sales or auctions? Have you passed out enough cards and spoken to plenty of people each week that you’ve now been called out to the fertile field of someone’s home?

It’ll be coming up upon a year that I’ve been blogging. I haven’t missed a day. You should have a fairly healthy list of items etched into your mind along with some sensible business insight, now, to put to good use when you enter the door of your destination. I hope it will be just like opening that treasure chest. Maybe it will be a piece of Rookwood or Grueby pottery. Maybe a Rene Lalique or a Tiffany. Perhaps a prized western painting, a special baseball card or comic book that hasn’t been touched since the 1950’s. These items could change your life, and I can guarantee you that your chances of finding one them is far greater than winning the lottery.

Please be patient as our site undergoes reconstruction. Cindy, Jeremy, Chris and Clarke are working hard and more dedicated to your success than you can possibly imagine. As the weather warms up and sales spring up everywhere, I’ll be waiting to hear from you about your treasures found.

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