Monday, May 26, 2008

Antiques & Collectibles - 31 Club Memorial Day Blog

I have never been as proud to be an American in all my life as I was this weekend. I attended a small church service in Calhoun, Kentucky where they honored our Veterans this Memorial Day Weekend.

Slacks with sharp creases and starched shirts decorated with ribbons and medals was the dress of the day. Flags were held proudly as they were presented, and America The Beautiful and the National Anthem were sung by people who had tears streaming down their cheek. Great love of their country was the unifying thread that bound together men and women in their eighties with others in their twenties. Not one asked for a single thing for themselves, rather prayed that under God, this Country would return to what God intended for it to be. This image will be etched in my mind and heart for the rest of my days.

I remember those times when people were proud of our Country and had the love of God in their hearts. Where have these days gone? How have we strayed so far? Our political leaders seem more interested in party affiliation than the good of the county.

To see and know what has made this country great, you must return to rural America. I am saddened to have returned home and turn on the television, only to see the disharmony that is prevailing in this country that so many have given their lives for.

My hope is that this little community we are in the process of creating through the 31 Club, will stand proud for what our forefathers held so dear. Yes, we are going to learn together about how to provide for ourselves, but I'm hopeful we won't forget our fellowman.

I am asking you to start looking for items that show our Country in a different light. Let’s see if we can find posters that show the pride that all citizens of this Country had at one time. How about books and paintings showing people helping others in times of need. You will probably have more ideas than I about what these items can be. I know you are asking if there be a market for them. The answer to that is yes, because we will create a market in our market place.

Remember, just one year ago everyone was saying that there would never be another collector, but we said they were wrong. They said this business was of the past, and we said it’s the greatest business in the world today.

We’ve shared with you that in every category of this business, records are being set at auction. I no longer see all the negative articles written nor hear the doom and gloom that prevailed just one year ago. Yes, the message of the 31 Club is being heard loud and clear, so now I’m asking you to extend this positive attitude even a step further. Let’s include our pride in America into our plan.


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